RGB color 16x8 matrix display  RGBM-1608
The RGBM-1608 is a large sized RGB LED matrix display with 16 x 8 pixels. In contrast to similar devices available on the market it uses 24-bit (or 4-bit) color depth mode. With 24-bit color depth used it allows to obtain over 16 milions of colors. The refreshing of displayed image is taken automatically. The RGBM-1608 contains all the necessary circuitry to drive LED matrix. Graphic data is sent to the display using an SPI interface. With the use of RGBM-1608 it is possible to build larger arrays of matrices such as advertising displays, information panels etc.


- single power supply (5V)
- 128 tri-color LEDs
- SPI interface
- gamma correction mode available
Updated: 11.08.2017