PROTON module parameters:

- program memory: 56 KB (FLASH)
- RAM memory: 4 KB
- I/O pins: 53
- A/D channels: 8
- 1 serial port
- timers: 3
- 6 I/O PWM pins
- 8 hardware interrupts
- 32-bit fixed point arithmetics
- 32-bit floating point arithmetics
- PWM resolution: 5 us
- speed: 120000 MBASICS instructions/s
- power supply voltage: +5V, +/-5%
- dimensions: 53 mm x 46 mm, height:  8 mm (excluding connectors)

additional peripherals:

- USB interface based on FTDI FT232 (for memory programming)
- capability to control 32 servomechanisms
- overall pin count: 64

Programming PROTON

The PROTON is programmed with high-level MBASIC language created by BASIC MICRO. User software is written through USB interface built into PROTON board. There is no need to use any other hardware programmer. To work with PROTON the following components must be installed:

- Basic Micro Studio
- Basic Micro USB Driver
- Reference manual (Micro Studio User's Manual)

PROTON v.1.1 full documentation  
PROTON Minimodule

The PROTON Minimodule is a small, low-cost embedded module for use in prototype apparatus and equipment. It can be also used as an evaluation board. The basic element of PROTON is a BASIC Micro microcontroller. The minimodule was built to make it easy to use it in different electronic devices; it over 50 I/O ports, 56 KB of flash memory, timers, A/C converter and others. PROTON utilizes 32-bit HD64F3687GFPV microcontroller by Renesas. It offers rich instruction list including mathematical functions, floating and fixed point arithmetics. The PROTON module is an ideal solution as a main control unit in control/measurement systems, data loggers, signal processing etc.
Updated: 11.08.2017