Multichannel unit for the interface level and flow sensors
Remote measurement of strains and temperature distribution in concrete grain silo data logger
The data logger was designed for long-term monitoring of strain and temperature distribution in concrete corn silo. The system is composed of 6 measurement units and a main unit (control unit). All the units are battery powered. Battery life span is approx. 6 months depending on the number of measurements that the unit is set to perform. Each measurement unit allows to connect to two strain gauge bridges if 1/2 or 1/4 bridge configuration (350 Ohms) and 8 temperature sensors. The temperature measurements are performed with accuracy of 0.5C. The temperature sensors and strain gauges are fixed to reinforcing bars. Each measurement unit can be configured to perform a given number of measurements which are strored in internal non-volatile memory. The measurement results can be read at any time; each unit works independently.  

Measurement unit
Temperature sensors
Measurement units in protective enclosures mounted on grain silo object
Straing gauges and temperature sensors fixed to the reinforcing bar

The multi-channel capacitance measurement unit for the liquid interface level and liquid flow. The measurement unit was designed to use with capacitive probe consisting up to 32 electrodes. The device has special features allowing to connect the probe by means of long coaxial cables (up to 10 meters) where cable length has a very little effect on measurements stability and accuracy. The influence of  EMI was reduced by using a new generation electronic circuits and special microcontroller and computer software eliminating errorneous measurements.
The apparatus shown below was designed and made for individual orders. All devices shown  NOT mass produced. 

Humidity and temperature distribution analyzer for powdery materials

The analyzer is used for long-term monitoring humidity and temperature distribution in containers filled with powdery materials especially for use with corn silo. It is made of two test probes in the form of long rods equipped with 25 humidity and 6 temperature sensors. The rods are directly put into the powdery material in the silo. The test probes communicate with a main through RS485 interface. Measurements results are stored and analyzed by software run on a computer.
Temperature is measured with 0,5C accuracy and humidity with +/-2%.
Test probes
The multi-channel....pdf
Low noise conditioner...pdf
Apparatus for educational purposes...

The PROTON Minimodule is a small, low-cost embedded module for use in prototype apparatus and equipment. The basic element of PROTON is a BASIC Micro microcontroller. The minimodule was built to make it easy to use it in different electronic devices; it contains 51 I/O ports, 56 KB of flash memory, timers, A/D converter and many others.
PROTON minimodule
RGB color 16x8 matrix display  RGBM-1608
The RGBM-1608 is a large sized RGB LED matrix display with 16 x 8 pixels. In contrast to similar devices available on the market it uses 24-bit (or 4-bit) color depth mode. With 24-bit color depth used it allows to obtain over 16 milions of colors. The refreshing of displayed image is taken automatically. The RGBM-1608 contains all the necessary circuitry to drive LED matrix. Graphic data is sent to the display using an SPI interface. With the use of RGBM-1608 it is possible to build larger arrays of matrices such as advertising displays, information panels etc.


- single power supply (5V)
- 128 tri-color LEDs
- SPI interface
- gamma correction mode available
Updated: 11.08.2017
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