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Our offer also inlcludes different kind of devices for education. They are used as teaching aids at technical universities. We put the main emphasis on DC motors drivers used in mobile robots, small driving systems in mechanics,  servomechanisms drivers and for other electronic circuits used in automatics. We also make electronics for other purposes; analog signal processing modules, data loggers etc.
Analogue Model of Control System Dynamics

Analogue model...pdf
The Analogue Model of Control Dynamics is a laboratory stand designed for student laboratory excercises in the field of Theory of Control. The excercises boil down to two types of experiments:

- analitycal experiment type: the indentification and analysis of dynamic members of an object and
  evaluation of quality of the control process
- synthetic experiment type: selection of the regulator type (PID, relay type regulator with PD correction
  and PID), determination of the regulator settings.

Read pdf file for more details:
Updated: 11.08.2017