Modular Development Platform

The Modular Development Platform by AMEX Research Corporation Technologies is a high quality universal development platform intended for practical education in the range of application of modern electronic devices and circuits working with microcontrollers. Such solutions are often called embedded systems. They require quite new approach in the preparation of educational theory and conducting practical exercises (laboratories, workshops) and also creating own solutions by students, designers, engineers and hobbyists with different interests and specializations. The Modular Evaluation Board is an ideal tool for education and rapid creating of prototypes.

It allows a relatively quick and effective learning practical aspects of professional electronic circuits for the needs of automatics, sensor systems, telecommunication, information technology, mechatronics and robotics. The Modular Development Platform is also a very interesting, valuable and far incentive tool which can be used for independent learning professional electronic circuits. The board can be successfully used by beginners.

User's Guide

Updated: 11.08.2017
The Development Platform
(without additional modules)
Example of the Development Platform fully equipped with additional modules
Special price (without additional modules) (valid until 30.09.2013): 47 EUR (without VAT)